About Us

Our Goal

``Our Vision Is To Provide A Beautiful High Quality Zero Carbon Village For Tourism By Creating A Coming Together Of Environment, Guests And Local Community.`

Making Sure You Have A Luxurious Holiday And Taking Care Of The World We Live In Is What Brecon View Eco Village Is All About.

Looking To Achieve Zero Carbon

During the building of the project over 80% of the suppliers are within a 40 mile radius. Of the 42 subcontractors that will be used on the site, over 90% will live within a 20 mile radius. This is important to reduce the carbon footprint of the building of the village and to keep jobs local. The development will generate all the electricity it needs with solar panels. Rain water will be harvested and re-used after being filtered. It can be used for washing machines, toilets and dish washers. The only water that remains will be drinking and shower water.

The Village will be landscaped using trees, shrubs and raised flowerbeds. This will help carbon offsetting using mains drinking and shower water. We will deal with soil and dirty water on site through a sewage plant to break down all waste and the discarded water is pure.

We will keep improving and innovating. Next on our list we would like to achieve is creating car charging points for guests, install power walls to store the electricity that is generated for use during the evening and night and start recycling waste as much as possible inhouse and in partnership with local recycling plants. Revenue of selling recyclable material will then be fed back into local community projects.

Meet Our Team

Managing director

From racing cars in my 20’s to establishing my sports injury clinic, I have always enjoyed new challenges. Years ago I already thought about building a village for tourism in the Amman Valley. Setting up Brecon View Eco Village with my friend Richard and my wife to be Neeltje will be the most rewarding project of my life. Creating the future!

Director of operations

I am born and raised in the Amman Valley and passionate about the local community. For the past 1.5 years I have been working closely with Simon and Neeltje throughout the entire creative development process from the very beginning. My fiance and I have 3 wonderful children and I believe creating The Village is one of the most important things I can do to safeguard their future and the environment.

Director of Design

Up until September 2017 I lived in The Netherlands and worked as an inspector in the Dutch police. Simon and me met through AirBnB in Wales in 2016 and we fell madly in love. Because home is where the heart is, I exchanged The Netherlands for stunning Wales and would never want to be somewhere else again. I am extremely excited about this amazing adventure with Brecon View Eco Village and I can’t wait until we welcome our first guests!

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