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Our Mission

Brecon View Eco Village is here to provide the most luxurious sustainable holiday experience.
With our high quality zero carbon lodges set in a beautiful rural setting overlooking ancient woodland we are dedicated to ensure our guests create wonderful holiday memories.
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Passive House

Special thanks to Hans-Jorn Eich for his amazing 90 seconds explanation of Passive House!

Looking To Achieve Zero Carbon

We are proud that we have been able to create our zero carbon dream to share with the world but how does it work?

– Our lodges are build to the highest passive house standard in Britain. This means that no heating is necessary due to high insulation, triple glazing and no air leakages that leave cold air in and warm air out.

– Each lodge generates all electricity with solar panels. In the summer they generate far more than what they need and this goes back into the national grid.

– Rain water is being harvested and is re-used after being filtered. This water is used in the toilets, washing machines and dishwashers.

– The Village is landscaped with shrubs, trees and flower beds. This helps carbon offsetting using mains drinking and shower water.

– During the build of our lodges over 80% of our suppliers were within a 40 mile radius and 90% of our sub contractors lived within a 20 mile radius. The build therefore had a very low carbon footprint and it helped keeping jobs local.

Our dream isn’t finished yet and we will always try to keep innovating. Next on our list we would like to achieve is creating electric car charging points for guests and install power walls to store the electricity that we generate for use during the evening and night.

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